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INSE I5 18Kpa Vacuum Cleaner: Unleash Powerful Suction for Pet Hair and Hard Floors

INSE I5 18Kpa Vacuum Cleaner: Unleash Powerful Suction for Pet Hair and Hard Floors

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Keeping our homes clean and free from pet hair and debris can be a daunting task. Thankfully, the INSE I5 18Kpa Vacuum Cleaner is here to make cleaning a breeze.

With its impressive 600W motor and exceptional suction power, this vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to tackle the challenges of pet hair and hard floors.

Let's dive deeper into the features and benefits of the INSE I5 and discover why it's a game-changer for cleaning enthusiasts.

Powerful Suction:

  • At the heart of the Vacuum Cleaners, a robust 600W motor, which delivers remarkable suction power of 18Kpa.
  • This formidable force allows the vacuum cleaner to effortlessly pull in dirt, dust, and pet hair, leaving your floors immaculately clean.
  • Say goodbye to those stubborn pet hairs that seem to embed themselves into every nook and cranny.

Designed for Pet Owners:

  • Pet owners understand the constant struggle of dealing with pet hair scattered around the house.
  • The INSE I5 is specifically engineered to address this challenge.
  • Its powerful suction combined with specialized attachments ensures efficient removal of pet hair from hard floors.
  • Whether it's dog hair, cat fur, or even tiny feathers, this vacuum cleaner tackles it all, leaving your floors looking pristine.

Ideal for Hard Floors:

  • While some vacuum cleaners struggle with hard floors, the INSE I5 excels in this area.
  • Its suction power, coupled with a well-designed brush head, effortlessly glides over hard surfaces, picking up dirt and debris along the way.
  • No more unsightly remnants of dust or crumbs on your hardwood or tile floors.
  • The Vacuum Cleaner ensures thorough cleaning, so you can enjoy spotless results every time.

Convenience and Ease of Use:

  • The INSE I5 is not only powerful but also user-friendly.
  • Its lightweight design and swivel steering make maneuvering around furniture and tight spaces a breeze.
  • The vacuum cleaner features a large trash can capacity, reducing the need for frequent emptying during cleaning sessions.
  • With its practical corded design, you won't have to worry about battery life or recharging.


  • If you're tired of battling pet hair and struggling to achieve a spotless hard floor, the Vacuum Cleaner is the solution you've been waiting for.
  • Its powerful suction, coupled with the 600W motor, ensures efficient removal of pet hair and debris from hard floors.
  • Experience the convenience, effectiveness, and satisfaction of a thorough cleaning with the INSE I5. Say hello to spotless floors and a pet-hair-free home!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Rogers Wisoky

I used a robot vacuum cleaner for a year and thought I was clean. But decided to buy a wired vacuum cleaner just in case. And when I started vacuuming, I realized what kind of dirt I was living in. This vacuum cleaner is just super. Simple, lightweight, powerful, easy to clean

Laurine Effertz

Lightweight, but at the same time clean up well. The filter is easy to release, disassemble and clean. The seller put me a spare filter, thank you :) I recommend this product.

Nelson Cremin

Vacuum cleaner came in 4 days😲Overall somehow in relation to the price of Super. I'm satisfied, small, light, agile, big suction power. However, it heats up quickly and the cable could be longer as for me again such would be enough. I bought it as an additional vacuum cleaner and it will definitely fulfill its function as a helper

Lorenza Kreiger

Very good item and pleasant sell

Blake Harvey

Great! Home delivery arrived on 5/5! The cord is enough for a 36 square meter apartment. Easy to clean and particularly effective at absorbing small dust! I hope this vacuum remains intact! Delivered to home very quickly arrived in Finland. arrived in less than a week! Effectively absorbs dust, easy to clean, I just hope it lasts intact for a long time.I definitely recommend the Seller and this vacuum cleaner to others too! The price ratio is excellent, if this is durable! ♥️

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