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wear your Casual New Turtleneck sweater

wear your Casual New Turtleneck sweater


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 Construct a stylish look with the Casual New Turtleneck sweater! From traditional tones to eye-catching hues, this piece is ideal for elevating any wardrobe. This product offers a fashionable and affordable way to stay warm in the winter months.


Burgundy & Navy Striped Turtleneck. 

  • Upgrade your style with this Burgundy & Navy Striped Turtleneck.
  • This Casual New Turtleneck sweater combines classic navy and complimentary burgundy. 
  • With this sweater, you can dress elegantly and adapt to any occasion.
  • It is very easy to combine a turtleneck with casual jeans and a blazer.

Charcoal Winter White Herringbone Sweater.

Firstly, bring a cozy and chic look to your wardrobe, with this Charcoal Winter White Herringbone Turtleneck.

Second, having a gray hue and intricate herringbone pattern, this stunning sweater will instantly elevate any look.

Thirty the subtle detailing sets off the classic silhouette of this turtleneck, making it a timeless choice for any season.

Lastly, you can layer it under a blazer, or wear it on your own. Fillmore It's the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe!

Soft Brown & Cream Geometric.

Step up your style game with this Soft Brown & Cream Geometric Casual New Turtleneck sweater.

This contemporary turtleneck sweater features an intricate geometric pattern, in shades of brown and cream. Making any outfit extra chic and comfortable.

Get and Wear tucked into jeans or let the hem of the sweater flow over skirts.  Either or similarly way, you'll be rocking perfect winter style!

Light Grey Cable Knit Textured

  • The textured knitting makes it stand out from other styles. 
  • The soft color adds a classic and modern touch to any outfit.
  •  This turtleneck is sure to be a warm and stylish addition to your look.

More Detail:

Production High cost performance.

8 colors: black, blue, brown, gray, red, white, blue, wine red

Collar type: Turtleneck

Customized yarn: No hairball / no deformation / no fading / Skin-friendly.

Medium version, thicken material, Exquisite workmanship

Comfortable, Warm and easy to match.

Consider making an order for your color turtleneck now, at casualflow5g website. And take advantage of special or Free delivery.

Most importantly, make as home run with this sweater.

Shipping and Return

Now permit 2–3 days processing time.

Shipping estimate 5-8 with a 30-days guarantee.


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